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The four basic rules

    In a community where future generations can also build a safe, livable and substantial life, reliable values and principles are needed.

    H.e.l.f.a. offers minimum standards that help to organize communities so that people, with all their differences, can live, deal and work well together.

    This coexistence is described in the following 4 basic rules:

    1) Giving - Giving describes our attitude towards how we treat each other. Giving from the heart triggers a deep feeling of joy and happiness that connects us with the other person. (Detailed description here)

    2) Getting to Know Each Other - Getting to know each other serves to bring us all closer so that we trust each other again. (Detailed description here)

    3) Moderators (contact persons) - The moderators are there to be able to keep in touch with each other on a supra-regional or even international level, even though we don't know each other personally.(Detailed description here)

    4) Own rules of the groups - The own rules should respect and consider group-specific, regional and cultural characteristics. Thus, in addition to the four basic rules given by H.e.l.f.a., all groups can define their own principles for their concerns. (detailed description here)

    Within these four basic rules, all people can contribute their abilities and develop according to their own pace.