H.e.l.f.a.Helfer engagieren sich leidenschaftlich für andere.
(Helpers are passionate about helping others.)

We are building a culture of trust. In this, everyone can receive targeted help and contribute with his or her abilities. Our goal is to meet the complete needs in all social and economic areas of daily life. Since we do not charge for our services but give them, money becomes superfluous.

The idea was born to give people the opportunity to network, get to know each other on the spot and support each other in many areas. In this way, we break the isolation and dependence on consumption. Together, a fair society of trust is created with endless possibilities.

A video in English follows.

Here you will find the receptions of groups near you. To use it, you need Telegram on your computer or mobile phone.

local groups

To access the group pages, you must be a member.

Support: here or via Telegram

If there is no group for your city yet, you can contact the support.

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