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H.e.l.f.a. Media Editorial

Since fall 2021, there has been an H.e.l.f.a. media editorial team that works to make the vision of H.e.l.f.a. better known. This includes informing all H.e.l.f.a.s about different projects and trainings. One format of the editorial office is H.e.l.f.a. on site.

This concept aims to present portraits of people and projects from local and/or thematic groups. To make this as smooth as possible, the members of the H.e.l.f.a. Media editorial team have created a guide that every member can use. Thus, the cooperation is super supported. Also the editorial staff is available for questions and suggestions for all members at:

Another project is to create a FAQ list. In it the most frequently asked questions of the members will be explained in short videos. So you can send all your questions about H.e.l.f.a. to the editorial office, so that the FAQ can be created from it.

If you want to watch videos, you can do it not only here on the homepage, but also on:

YouTube - Helfa channel

Odysee - Helfa channel

or stay up to date on the Telegram channel Helfa channel- Media

You want to get involved with the editorial team? Wonderful. Then apply to us by email.