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The Helfa tree in the reality

What is H.e.l.f.a. in general about?

We live in a world where not only the ongoing global competition and capitalism leads to an injustice towards a part of the earth's population that does not have enough to eat and drink, while in the so-called western world people live in abundance.
What falls by the wayside is what really counts: our humanity in togetherness, our families and relationships, friendships and our health.

This leads to the question: What in our lives is really real and has substance?
This question is occupying more and more people, triggering a worldwide movement that is actively seeking alternative models of living - for the benefit of people, animals and nature. In order for change and mutual helping and supporting to succeed, we need to completely rethink the current structures of society.

We at H.e.l.f.a. would like to present with this handbook our solution approach, how a new social living together with values like compassion, respect, voluntariness, humanity, cohesion, empathy, understanding, support, tolerance, lived love and personal responsibility can succeed.

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H.e.l.f.a. Media Editorial

Submitted by Agnes on Sat, 04/16/2022 - 13:46

Since fall 2021, there has been an H.e.l.f.a. media editorial team that works to make the vision of H.e.l.f.a. better known. This includes informing all H.e.l.f.a.s about different projects and trainings. One format of the editorial office is H.e.l.f.a. on site.

Version 0.9.1 Website

Submitted by root on Sun, 12/19/2021 - 03:54

The new version is here ... with more features!
There is now a calendar where seminars can be entered for all.
The video gallery is now also already online and also in the background is very much worked on that everything works. So we have a YouTube channel that still needs some followers so it can automatically link to other systems. You can find the channel under:

Version 0.9.0 Website

Submitted by root on Fri, 11/26/2021 - 05:48

This is the first pre-release of the website - congratulations!!!
This website can currently display almost only the data that could be seen on the previous website - but a bit nicer and with more features. So it is now possible to display some topics groups and filter by them on the map. Also there are different organizations and professional groups ...
The following features are currently built in: