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Names of Helfa and other organizations

    The names of the projects and organizations are all well and good, but they have a problem:
    They are pigeonholes that divide society.
    While the local groups are divided only so that they can form a small unit of size corresponding to the human boundaries, a name of an association and other organizations is a demarcation and sooner or later leads to a division in thinking and then also in reality. The name Helfa is taken only as an example of it, in order to have a catchy term. But the groups themselves have nothing to do with the name. So other organizations can use their names and logos ... as long as nobody acts against the basic rules and principles in any way.

    We have to get away from this pigeonholing at some point, because it leads to a lack of perception of reality. We put characteristics on a group that definitely do not apply to every member and thus we do people an injustice. With this thinking, we facilitate an "ad hominem", a "no true Scotsman" argument to others, which only aims to exploit this inaccuracy in order to impose one's worldview on others. For this reason, it is important that sooner or later we abandon just that, or we adopt whatever name is somehow appropriate.