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Version 0.9.0 Website

This is the first pre-release of the website - congratulations!!!
This website can currently display almost only the data that could be seen on the previous website - but a bit nicer and with more features. So it is now possible to display some topics groups and filter by them on the map. Also there are different organizations and professional groups ...
The following features are currently built in:

  • Local groups
  • Theme groups
  • Professional groups
  • Organization groups
  • The Helfa manual
  • A logo gallery to download the images
  • News can be displayed
  • Different languages are under construction

Next release may have the following enhancements:

  • Video gallery
  • Permissions to log in
  • Contact forms
  • Moderators
  • User profiles

Please pay attention!
NO messages can be sent to anyone. For that, use the support on Telegram at:
Helfa Support

Thanks for your support.