Day 14: The video evening
Santa Claus

Day 14: The video evening

Tonight you can rest. Call a few friends, make yourselves comfortable. Some popcorn, cookies, maybe make some cocoa ...
Then you put on the movie, "Christmas Story", which you got beforehand. What is the movie about?

Christmas Story - The Christmas Story (original title Joulutarina) is a 2007 Finnish Christmas film directed by Juha Wuolijoki. The film adaptation is based on the book of the same name by Marko Leino. It tells the story of Nikolas, an orphan who carries a special ability.
"Hundreds of years ago began the most beautiful story of all time": Nikolas is an orphan boy from Lapland whose parents and little sister are killed in a tragic accident. The families in the village where he lives are too poor to take in the five-year-old boy. So they decide to raise him together. Each family takes care of him for a year and passes him on to the next family each Christmas Eve. Nikolas thanks the families by carving toys for their children, which he always presents on Christmas Eve. Accordingly, every year a family is added to this Christmas tradition.

This is how year after year passes. This year, however, the economy of the village lies idle, for which a failed grain harvest is the cause. This is the reason why none of the families in the village can take in Nikolas. So the grim carpenter Iisakki takes care of the boy and employs him as his assistant. After a hard apprenticeship, Iisakki takes him in as his own son.
How it continues, you will see, but one thing I can write:
It's a gripping story that fits for Christmas.

Have fun watching ...