Day 5: Preparation for St. Nicholas
The gift

Day 5: Preparation for St. Nicholas

On the 5th day it is time to take care of gifts. We have forgotten that gifts should come from the heart and that they are an expression of love. Unfortunately, too often we measure the act, the value or the desire that we attribute to everything. For this reason, today we do it a little differently. The gift that we will give today will not be something that costs a lot or that is costly to besogen:
Look for tea lights, candles or other things that give light for a while ...
Wrap it nicely and write a little letter that you attach to the gift.
The letter should say something like:
"This candle is a gift certificate that I give you to spend time with you as long as this candle shines. I love you and look forward to when you redeem it".
Of course, the text can be even more personal ...
Take this gift and place it in front of the door of the person (or persons) to whom you want to give this.

I wish you a lot of fun playing Santa Claus ...
All love