Day 7: People watching
Christmas market

Day 7: People watching

We all know the movies on TV - whether they are Christmas stories or other genres. The problem with film is that while it tells a nice story, it can't depict reality. So what could be better than taking a look at reality for a change.

For this reason, pack your things, dress warmly, take something to nibble on and hit the streets. Pick a nice place that is a bit busy. It can be in the city, in the village, in a nice place you know. Take your time and look around. When you see other people, don't talk to them, but look at what they are doing. Listen to what they are saying and what they are interested in. You should not spy on people, but rather empathize with them. It is interesting to share other views. It opens up new perspectives if you don't always want to change things, try to convince other people, but simply allow yourself to become a part of the whole.

If you want to go one step further, you are welcome to put a cent, the smallest unit of currency, on the floor and see what people do with it. I am curious what comes out of it.

Love is tolerance, devotion, together, giving and giving ... let's make it conscious.

Have fun with it ...