Day 8: In the Christmas bakery

Day 8: In the Christmas bakery

When we walk through the Christmas market in Germany and close our eyes, we will inevitably get the sweet smell. Christmas is not only fir tree and gifts. Christmas also has something to do with a festival where a lot is eaten. Every country has its own Christmas cookies.

And that's what we're going to do today: we're going to bake.

Pick a few recipes that you like to make. Go shopping if you are missing the ingredients. Then there are 2 things missing to make it complete: Friends and music. So invite some friends, find some nice Christmas music and have fun baking.

The portions should be so that not only you alone can eat from it, but also the friends and later also a few people, whom you can perhaps give a present. Because nothing is nicer than receiving homemade cookies as a gift.

By the way - all the sugar is actually not healthy, yet it is consumed very often, especially at Christmas. This is due to the general darkness in the northern hemisphere. As a result, too little vitamin D is released and you can compensate for that with foods that make you "happy". Of course, there is much more that makes you happy - and everything is already on the list in the Advent calendar, let yourself be surprised.

Have fun baking and then feast ... Bon apetit ...