Day 24: Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Day 24: Merry Christmas

We did it together. Today is Christmas.

Can you still remember the story during World War I?

The Christmas Truce was a truce not authorized by the command level during World War I on December 24, 1914 and the following days. It took place on some sections of the Western Front, where spontaneous fraternizations occurred, especially between Germans and British in Flanders. There were also no exchanges of fire at this time on parts of the Eastern Front. Today, the Christmas truce of 1914 refers mainly to the events on the front between Mesen and Nieuwkapelle, where Germans and British were at war with each other.

This miracle happens again and again and works even in world wars ...If we believe in it, we can make peace everywhere, history shows that. So let's believe in the miracles together, so that together we can manage to put peace into the world ...

But now to you:

All the preparation for this day - I thank you for that! If you manage to be a light for people in such a dark time, if you manage to think not only of yourselves but of your neighbor, if you manage to create a connection with other people: that is what I call a Christmas miracle! And yes, that is then the first step towards world peace ...

For me it is an honor, a real honor, to get to know each one of you with your very own and special way. I have already seen a lot of misery, I have lost friends who have given their lives. I've seen human beings being beaten down. However, in the eyes of all of you, I have always seen the beauty, the fire of love - a Christmas miracle in your eyes.

Let us together make this Christmas miracle a reality by celebrating the feast of love. Together. Not only today, but every day. I wish everyone from the bottom of my heart:

Merry Christmas!!!