Day 18: Contact lost contacts
People holding hands

Day 18: Contact lost contacts

Today we will turn our attention to the past. Everyone knows a person with whom we have not had contact for a long time. Why not, actually? What happened?

Maybe we should reach out today and see what that person is doing. How is she? What is she doing right now? You can go by, call her on the phone ... take the time to contact her. Talk to each other. See where you are and what is happening between you. If things are right between the two of you again, arrange to meet again. If it doesn't quite fit, still thank them from the bottom of your heart for the wonderful time you had together... This person used to be or still is very important - and that's what you should show them.

In general, you should be aware that we are all connected to each other on this earth. Whether we see each other or not - our lifetimes will always intersect with other lifelines, or not. There are times when lifelines will go parallel side by side and times when we will lose them and other lifelines will share the path with us. But everything that has passed cannot be taken away from us. So let's remember it with love, make the best of it and share it with each other too.

All the love with it.