Day 16: Decoration of the apartment
Christmas decoration

Day 16: Decoration of the apartment

The apartment is a mirror of yourself. That's why it's important to make sure that you don't just keep your apartment clean, but that you really clean it up. We want to celebrate Christmas, so it would be nice that people are happy and feel welcome. The apartment doesn't have to be flashing and blinking, it should have something of you personally. Show people who you are, what you want and what you can make happen.

It is important that you consciously clean up your apartment - take your time and make an effort. It is not just a matter of "tidying up", but of turning your inner life inside out. You will see, after cleaning up you will feel better.

The 2nd step is for the other people. Decorating shows what you are concerned with and how important it is to you.

For me Christmas is very important - it has nothing to do with what many people have made of it nowadays. For me Christmas is love, tolerance, with each other and together ... For me it is a fairy tale, miracle and reality at the same time. It is what we call humanity ... and this does not only take place on 24.12., but it can take place the year.

Just decorate your spaces to say exactly what you want to communicate. I'm excited to see how you guys pull it off ....

Have fun inviting people and have a great time ...