Day 9: Prepare Christmas gifts

Day 9: Prepare Christmas gifts

Christmas often becomes a time of stress, because towards the end of the year, usually so many things happen that we hardly get behind with everything. At work, it becomes stressful because the month can not be worked through completely - the vacation that many take. Then there are the year-end closings, the gifts that need to be bought, the preparations so that we prepare a "perfect" meal ...

Just writing I get stressed ... so on the 9th day we devote ourselves to gifts, because there is still enough time.

Many people think of gifts when they hear Christmas. But what are gifts?

A gift is a voluntary token of love that we give to others. We cannot measure a gift by a value that can be represented objectively. Thus, someone may want an "expensive" gift while someone else is looking forward to something free.

A gift should come from the heart and have a story. A gift should be something that the recipient may not be able to do himself, but does not expect. Let's try the 5 languages of love.

The 5 languages of love are:

    Praise and appreciation
    Time just for you
    Gifts that come from the heart

As a small suggestion, I would suggest that the gift does not have to be material, but can have something to do with an event, an outing, a trip or a cozy evening. Maybe just create something some time together - because that is the most important thing we have in life.

Only I ask you to consider one thing:

It's not the amount of time that's important, but the quality. So don't stress about how Christmas will be either, because we will, through the rest, the preparation, manage to have a wonderful Christmas.

Have fun with it ...

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