Day 15: the forgiveness
Christmas hearts

Day 15: the forgiveness

Today we are dealing with forgiveness.

To understand forgiveness, we must look behind the scenes. All people hurt themselves again and again, sometimes more, sometimes less. If we want to let go of this pain at some point, we will manage to be free of it. If we don't manage to do that, we will take the pain with us forever. We call this step of letting go of the pain "forgiveness."

So the first step is to understand why we have pain and accept it. The next step is to forgive ourselves - without this step, we cannot heal. For this reason, this step is one of the most important. After that comes forgiving the other person.

For some, it will be the most difficult thing they have ever done. It depends on what we have experienced ourselves. But when we understand people, when we start to love them, accept them, tolerate them and see them as they are, then we can start to forgive. I am not saying it is easy - in some situations we may even think it is impossible. Still, if we want to be free, we have to forgive even the really bad ones at some point.

I wish for you to do it with one person today. Pick a person you have hurt and who has hurt you and think about what happened. Try to put yourself in their shoes and look for explanations why the person acted the way they did. Then contact her, whether in writing, by phone, or even a real meeting. Explain to her what happened and ask for an apology or forgive the person. Sometimes we have to repeat this more times until we feel it, but the beginning has been made and you can see what will happen.

No matter how great the pain will be, you will feel better. And by the way, you will be able to start the new year so much better.

If we want to feel the magic of Christmas, if we want to create a world, then we should start forgiving. I thank you that we finally have a chance to do that.

I wish you much courage and strength to do so.