We want to emphasize the holistic aspect. Orthodox medicine is just as justified as alternative practitioners, shamans or other methods that activate the self-healing powers. Because: He who heals is right.

    Health of body and mind can be maintained in many ways. Whether we talk about nutrition or exercise.Whether we're looking at mental health or meditation. It all goes together.
    If you're conscious about what you eat, you can already make a big difference. We can look at where does the meat come from. How have the animals been treated? Or do you want to eat vegetarian or vegan? What do you have to pay attention to? What ideas and tips are there if I want to eat differently than before?
    Also with the movement the variety is hardly borders set. Whether gentle exercise such as yoga, faster-paced sports such as jogging. Whether endurance or strength training. Here in this section, fitness fans can exchange ideas and support each other.
    Maybe you also like to expand mental health and learn how to change your thoughts positively and thus direct your energy. For many, meditation is a good approach. Or certain coaching techniques that help improve mindfulness and perception.

    Everything that the grandmother still knew. From calf compresses to herbs or juices. Or other alternatives to so-called conventional medicine. Exchange your experiences.