From the first day of our birth we need clothes or clothing. Especially parents know how quickly children grow out of clothes and shoes and how often you need new clothes.
    Clothing replacement is a sensible and sustainable idea to save resources and money. But even with the best care and careful handling of pants, jackets, etc., clothing doesn't last forever. At some point, clothing can no longer be fitted, altered or mended.
    Then we need new clothing. But where does it come from? We can sew and knit ourselves. We can pass on the knowledge of patterns and fabrics and thus produce together. But we also need raw materials like wool in the value chain. How does that work with shearing sheep or dyeing wool? Plants can be used to produce the dyes. Here we come full circle to agriculture.
    There are many ways to build new structures. From production to recycling, groups and orgas can take care that this succeeds.