Nature is everything that surrounds us. The water, the earth, the air. Plants and animals as well as we humans are part of nature. As diverse as nature, so diverse can be projects for and in nature.
    You have interest and / or profound knowledge about agriculture? Or do you have a plot of land that is suitable for growing vegetables? Then start a project in your region. Talk to other Helfas if they want to participate. Other possibilities are to look for cooperation partners who know about water treatment. Maybe you can buy a system as a group and share it. Or you may know of sources where there is good water.
    There are many herbs that you can learn about. Again, there are people who know or have herb gardens. Look around and discover the wonders of nature. Some groups have face-to-face meetings and joint walks where members explore, identify and deepen their knowledge of herbs and wild plants. There are many ideas to bring nature to your balcony or around town. There are no limits to your imagination. But as always, Helfa is where you are